Insulin Allergies

Insulin Allergies do exist, but are rare. They were much more common when the insulin we used came from the bodies of pigs and cows. I have two online friends who have insulin allergies. One of them posted her problem on a diabetes website and some members there did not believe her. They called her a liar, because they had never heard of insulin allergies. She left the group and has never posted her problem again. I want to spread the word that these allergies do exist, and there are ways of dealing with the problem. See the article below presented by the Joslin Diabetes Center.



  1. Gail · January 8, 2015

    I have allergies to all insulins and it is terrible. Does anyone else have this issue with all insulins?

    • richard157 · January 8, 2015

      Gail, I have met a few type 1 diabetics online who are allergic to ALL insulins. About 40 years ago a young lady went through a procedure known as ‘desensitization’ that made it possible for her to use Humalog. Then she used an insulin pump that involved her having to use only one type of insulin….Humalog. She is now type 1 for 40 years, and is still adjusted to Humalog.

      • Gail · January 8, 2015

        Thanks for your response. I have been to countless allergists; I tried desensitization to Apidra on pump but allergist says my allergies are atypical; I have unusual and vivid dreams and cannot stay asleep for any length of time; th insulin wakes me up. I was on Lilly pork for 25 yrs but did not reallly feel well on that either. I imported pork and beef insulins from England but could not tolerate those at all. Humulin, Novolin; and their analogs are terrible for me. Desensitization was only partially done with Apidra but it doesn;t take away the intolerance also. I take Benadryl which only helps me feel slightly better. I wonder it anyone takes small amounts of steroids when they have a very difficult case like mine? I would appreciate any response; I know desensitization is not always successful or the complete answer, Do you know of any other people who have trouble with all of the insulins; if so what do they do? Thanks so much for your or anyone else’s help.

      • richard157 · January 9, 2015

        Gail, my friend in Maryland is willing to talk to you. She will be an excellent source for you. How do you want to contact her? Facebook with the private message service is a good way, unless you have something else in mind.

  2. richard157 · January 9, 2015

    I only know of my friend in Maryland who was allergic to all insulins. She was successful to desensitization to Humalog. It took years before she was fully adjusted to Humalog, and she had diabetes related complications. I don’t know much about the other people with insulin allergies. I wish I could help. I hesitate to give you any names or contacts with those individuals. They do not talk about it inline because so many people have not heard about insulin allergies, and they tend to doubt the allergies even exist. Do you post on Facebook? If so, do you want me to ask my friend in Maryland if she would talk with you there?

    • Gail · January 11, 2015

      Don;t know if my comment was posted; had to pick anew password so if I repeat myself please forgive me Richard. I am grateful for your kindness and eagerness to help. I am on Facebook but do not want my personal medical problems caually posted for the whole world to see. I can be privately messaged or privately e-mailed or phoned; all of the above is absolutely fine with me and again privately messaged or e-mailed and would love to communicate with anyone you know who is willing to.. If i know your friend’s name; I can friend them and then we canprivately message or e-mail. Thank you again for your help. You are very kind; I also saw your post on another website about the need for CGM’s i also have medicare and sugars also drop to as low as 35 without warning and desperately need the use of a CGM
      Thanks Richard;
      Gail let me know if anyone is willing to communicate with me

  3. richard157 · January 11, 2015

    Gail, her name is Linda Lee. Here is the link for her Facebook page. You can request a friendship there. Good luck! Let me know if there is a problem.

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