Medicare Coverage of CGM’s

I have been experiencing low blood sugar episodes and not always feeling them. Many older type 1 people have this problem. This would not be so much of a problem if Medicare would cover CGM’s. I have not been able to use a CGM for three years. I had a 48 two nights ago, and did not feel it. A CGM would have helped so much. Many long term type 1 people have the same problem.

JDRF Advocacy is working hard to get Medicare coverage of CGMs. Please click on this link to send a prepopulated email to your Members of Congress asking them to co-sponsor this legislation!!! Click on “Take Action.”


Do You Keep Your Diabetes A Secret?

A psychologist with diabetes discusses this in the article below. Starting in 1945 I did not tell anyone about my diabetes except my relatives, a few neighbors, and teachers in school. My mom did the telling, I kept quiet about it. People did not seem to know anything about diabetes wen I was young. My teachers had not heard of diabetes. I did not tell friends about it until college, but they did not understand it. I never really opened up about my diabetes until 2006, online, and in public. It was such a relief to come out of hiding and educate people about diabetes. I try to do that online, and in giving speeches to groups.

If you keep your diabetes a secret, what is your reason for doing that?